Monday, July 15, 2013


I've seen this image on Stardoll...
 And I saw this on the web today. Is there a show or something I'm missing? Anyway, vote. Creepy coincidence, or copy cat?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How To Build An Aquarium on Stardoll

Building an aquarium is not the hardest thing to do on stardoll, it is really expensive. I dropped 150 starcoins. Yeah, yikes. Anyway, I did it by going into the Animal section, and then to Aquatic. I bought three animals:goldfish, starfish, and seahorse. Go with the animated ones. It'll look more realistic. Second, buy 3 pieces of "oceans." Go into DIY. They are 30 starcoins each. Yikes. Lastly, go into Furniture, then Table, Then Coffeetable, and then brown. The table I used is from Roots. In the end, you get a realistic looking aquarium. The photo above is from my friend, Jordan's Suite, but check out mine for a better one!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Style Me Stardoll:

Our first Style Me Stardoll is....

Facts about Dollstar:
  • She is Royalty
  • She owns a club, Awards4Stardoll
  • She found the Secret Symbol
Anyway, let's get stylin!
Here's her original look:
 School Look:


 Date Night:

Xoxo, enjoy my looks!
Wanna be styled? Leave a comment below with your stardoll username!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Makeover to SelenaAnn123

I gave a make-over to SelenaAnn123 today. I'm not sure that she is aware I have, but, well, sucks to sucks. Right? Anyway, these are the before and After pictures.

I used:
  • Jeanne Royalty wig
  • Crimson Lipstick from Transform
  • Midnight Black Mascara(L)
  • Midnight Black Mascara(T)
  • 3 Fake Eyelashes from Spectacular
Well, anyway, here is the link to my suite, vote 5/5, and leave requests for who to do a make-over too.